ROSETTA-ICE team heads back to Antarctica

The ROSETTA-ICE team is once again heading back to Antarctica to map the Ross Ice shelf.  And this year, I will be joining them!  When I am down there, I will be posting about what it is like to work in Antarctica and more about the ROSETTA-ICE project.

I want to say a special hello to Ms. Ishii’s 5th grade class at Henry David Thoreau Elementary School in Kirkland, WA!  They will be following along and I am sure they will be asking great questions.

I leave on Oct 19th, and will make my way to McMurdo Station in the Ross Sea area, where I will meet the rest of the team.

My route to get to McMurdo is shown above.   I go from Seattle to San Francisco to Auckland, New Zealand to Christchurch, New Zealand  to McMurdo Station, Antarctica.   I take regular, commercial flights down to Christchurch, where I get to spend two nights, before taking a military flight down to Antarctica.  On the full day that I am in Christchurch, I will get issued my polar gear that is required when traveling and working there.

If you want to know about who I am, please visit my staff page (Susan L. Howard).