The Land, Atmosphere Near real-time Capability for EOS (LANCE) makes data from AMSR2 instruments available within three hours of satellite overpass. We obtained the completed near real time (NRT) AMSR2 Daily L3 12.5 km Sea Ice Concentration Polar Grids from the LANCE website at GHRC and provided images for the ROSETTA-Ice region of interest as *.png files.

Float locations: ‘+’ signs mark possible Alamo float deployments. These have been updated starting 13-Nov-2016.

Full polar grid files are available in .he5 format from: Registration is required. Please visit the Earthdata Login to register for a username and password to access the LANCE data.

Ross Sea area coverage was available from partial files P00 by 6:30 am PST.  Complete files (R00) were available around 10 pm.

Download *.PNG files of the Ross Sea area from ESR’s anonymous FTP site:

Or download individual AMSR2-NRT PNG files below:


*R00 data is not available for day 2016-12-06