AMSR2 3km

AMSR2 Sea Ice Concentration Polar Grids are obtained at 3.125 km resolution. We provide images for the ROSETTA-Ice region of interest as *.png files.

Lower-accuracy sea-ice concentration: The high resolution is achieved by using a less-rigorous algorithm for absolute ice concentration than used by the standard products SSM/I and AMSR2 12.5 km. We strongly recommend also looking at MODIS and AMSR2 NRT (near-real-time) images to assess sea-ice conditions in the Ross Sea.

Ice concentrations near the Ross ice front: Note that the sea-ice concentration algorithm used here produces values over the ice sheet. We have masked out values based on a 2004 mask: the effect is a region of “false” sea ice values a few km wide adjacent to the marked ice front (black line). Ignore these.

Float locations: ‘+’ signs mark possible Alamo float deployments. These have been updated starting 13-Nov-2016.

Latest 3.125 km AMSR2

Data is available with 1 day lag.

Download *.PNG files of the Ross Sea area from ESR’s anonymous FTP site:

Or download individual AMSR2-3km PNG files below:

AMSR2 3.125